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Hi, my name is Josie and my journey in grooming began back in 2014. Ever since I was a child, my heart has been captivated by the enchanting world of animals. My early years were enriched by my involvement in 4H, where I nurtured a passion for rabbits. From tender beginnings, I’ve nurtured a deep connection with horses, both riding and grooming them. As time evolved, I ventured into managing grooming establishments, and for a rewarding year, I lent my grooming skills to a veterinary setting.

During my tenure at the vet, I gained invaluable expertise in handling dogs with anxiety, aggression, and skin sensitivities. It was there that I realized my calling – to make a tangible difference through my career. The love and dedication I hold for my craft are unwavering, and my affection for every furry client I serve knows no bounds. My expertise extends to grooming dogs, cats, and even the tiniest of companion animals.

With a heart brimming with devotion and a wealth of experience, I’m here to provide a grooming experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Let’s ensure your beloved pets receive the care and attention they truly deserve. 🐾

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