About Chae

Hi there! My name is Chae, and I have 7 years of grooming experience.  My grooming journey began at a quaint Academy, where I laid the foundation for my skills. Through the years, I’ve enriched my knowledge across a spectrum of salons, always seeking to expand my horizons through continuous self-education. The allure of learning keeps me going!

My approach to grooming is rooted in the fear-free philosophy, ensuring a stress-free experience for your beloved pets. I take pride in providing personalized attention, as I firmly believe in one-on-one interactions.

Currently, my focus lies in pampering a multitude of doodles and oodles. The charm of teddy bear-esque haircuts has truly captured my heart, and I dedicate myself daily to honing this art to perfection.

Above all, my ultimate goals are twofold: to ensure customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations and to prioritize the safety and contentment of your furry companions under my care. Your pets’ well-being and happiness are my top priorities throughout our grooming journey together. 🐶🐾